CU4TRO ● Norris + Ninja preview

If looking at the title the name CU4TRO doesn’t ring any bell, rest assured: you have all the rights not to know anything about it, but let’s start from the beginning. Angel Cabada is a name that may not be on the cover of your favorite magazines but a lot of key players in streetwear and footwear industry know exactly who he is.

The man behind TSA Clothing first, then Kr3w Denim and Supra, followed shortly by Factory 413, acts with logic and taste. When you live in Los Angeles it’s a style war every time you step outside the door and this fact influenced Angel to always keep the bar real high when it came to create a new brand. Having sold Supra in June 2015, our man just had one thing in mind: the next level.

Considering his environment composed by actors, artists, skateboarders and influencers, who could be more ready than him?! CU4TRO is lifestyle footwear like you always wanted it. Bringing back essential design and premium materials, beside creating a patented technology called Fourmula®, this brand is moving its first steps in these days and I am really stoked to be the first to tell you. Check the grey Ninja and the white Norris here to see what CU4TRO is about. A fresh approach to footwear is what you are expecting after you saw these pictures and you won’t be disappointed. We will be back on this topic.

What is left for you to know is that for now you can find CU4TRO at Commonwealth, the specialty sneaker store with the top selection. Pictures courtesy of CU4TRO

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