CU4TRO ● Norris

Second installment of this 3 days special about CU4TRO. The brand hailing from Los Angeles impressed us already with the Stunner and history is about to repeat with the Norris.

If yesterday we gave a look to a minimal trainer with a technical design today we get to see in detail a “legacy inspired sneaker”, as CU4TRO website says about this shoe. Its custom vulcanized outsole measures 36mm. This makes this part of the shoe quite massive and creates a nice contrast with the black premium suede. This style is so essential that it even has clean eyestay without stitching and eyelets. Nothing better to get paired with flat waxed laces. Being a premium footwear brand, a special attention has been put even in its lining, entirely made of leather.

For what concerns the insole, it is not flat as it seems. The forefoot is 10mm thick while the heel is 18mm, for a better stance. As I said yesterday the superior level of comfort that is one of CU4TRO main concerns, is hard to explain and needs to be tested firsthand. The main ingredient is Fourmula®, the patented technology owned by this brand, a true revolution compared to an average EVA outsole. Beside being extremely comfortable, this blend of EVA, rubber and impact resistant foam has a lifespan that lasts up to 3 times longer.

The Norris here in the hands of Paola T thanks to its clean and essential design is one of the most versatile styles ever. From a wedding to the DJ set of your life, there will be always a good occasion to wear it.
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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