CU4TRO ● Stunner

CU4TRO moves in a low profile way but I somehow managed to track this brand down, in order to contribute to the knowledge of you, my reader. What I just wrote means that instead of building a huge hype around the brand, CU4TRO basically let its superior design and the quality of its materials do the talking.

It’s not the first time that I tell you about this brand; if you remember I made a presentation last June with a few pictures of the Norris and the Ninja. A few months passed and I eventually get to talk about this brand again, focusing this time on a minimal trainer. CU4TRO range consists of few models and this Stunner is one of the two low tops available together with the Flair.

It may sound cliché but, even you may get fascinated by its look, you never understand to the fullest this model unless you wear it. The two words that come to mind are freedom and stability. Freedom to live your life without limits in a comfort never felt before, mostly because of its micro waffle upper. This sort of thick mesh forms a capsule that wraps around your feet without restricting them. Its impressive stability is mainly because of the TPU heel cup and the outsole.

The revolutionary feature of this style is called Fourmula®. A patented system that let CU4TRO optimize the relationship between weight, durability & comfort that lasts three times longer than a traditional EVA sole. Let this and the other styles on CU4TRO website intrigue you: I’m your guarantee for what concerns the feeling…
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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