Deejo – 15g + 27g + 37g knives / Instagram giveaway

Deejo is a brand that dared to give a new design to a tool that had been useful forever to the human race. No matter if you are out collecting mushrooms, or if you use your Deejo to cut your bread when you have a picnic: you can rely on it. Slim, light and beautiful, Deejo is ready to follow you in your adventures exactly how you want it: with a wooden handle, a plastic one or naked. There is more: if you want it custom, you can have it as I told you a couple of weeks ago in my other Deejo post. Today I’m here to introduce you these three beauties in the hands of Nadia R. A 15g naked, a 27g in a plastic neon yellow and a 37g with a rosewood handle are here for your viewing pleasure today but with a bit of luck they could become yours. Yessir! The Paris brand that manufactures these knives not only gave me a couple of custom knives with my logo engraved but they also gave me these three knives for you, my readers. All you have to do is open your Instagram account, click “like” on @deejo_knives, click “like” on @themaxiemillion and repost the image that you find on my profile with the three knives that says “The Maxiemillion #deejoxmaxie” (here at the bottom). Write what you want but don’t forget to include the hashtag #deejoxmaxie. The three Italian profiles that get more “likes” on their pictures will win a knife. Tell your friends but hurry up: the giveaway ends on Sunday October 9.

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