Derriere Heritage ● Coulisse

Are you ready for the new new? It is not a secret that Blue Distribution firmly believes in taste and vision and Derriere Heritage, the latest brand to enter its roster, is not lacking in any of these two aspects.

Quoting the words from the brand “it is inspired by the excellences of the past, it preserves the heritage values such as the importance of the fabrics selection, the manufacturing and the constant attention to details”. With the strong will to create a remarkable example of what made in Italy can be, Derriere develops full collections that represent the link among classic style and streetwear innovation.

From the upcoming Fall Winter collection I picked this Coulisse pant, totally in love with the way this fabric feels. Once I tried it on I got to understand it more, discovering it little by little. Its Army colorway is dark and defined but uniquely dyed at the same time.

This pant kind of brings back a surfer heritage here, with the elastic band (coulisse in French, hence the name of this style) that makes it wearing and taking it out a matter of seconds and this alone is a plus of the pant. It’s here that the pant becomes special because such waist is large and thick yet very smooth. Its tapered fit allows your hand to stay in its straight cut pockets but the legs end up being skinny and quite short, letting your sneakers show.

A quite unusual combination of high quality features makes this item an extremely interesting option when you are shopping for pants. The influence of stylist Andrew Mackenzie outsider touch with hints of dark, can be felt over the collection that he developed with the passion that he is notorious for.

The Coulisse has the woven label branding on the back typical of Derriere denim that shows with pride its made in Italy status. It may be the right time to broaden your horizons: don’t you feel like upgrading your pant game?!
Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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