Derriere Heritage ● Trippin Loose Fit Cargo

I do not post Derriere Heritage often. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have much love for this brand but rather that I consider Derriere a rare gem. I wasn’t too familiar with this brand up to last season but then I stumbled into a pant that I found exciting.

When I go check out Blue Distribution proposal straight at the source, I get to touch and feel a lot of items from different brands and that Coulisse Pant that came in my radar last season, made me think I had something special in front of me.

Quality is an international language and in this case it has a thick Italian accent. Derriere Heritage is called this way because it has a strong tradition in apparel craftsmanship and washings but in its latest manifestation, when this brand got founded, it chose to follow a more contemporary route, all this without forgetting about its… heritage.

This Trippin Loose Fit Cargo is a pant that made me open my eyes wide because I felt it as a modern take on the cargo pants that I was used to wear in the 90s all the time. I am into all this new wave of pants that represent a valid alternative to denim: chinos, joggers, sweatpants, I love them all but I still had to see something so outstanding.

From its tunnel through bordeaux drawcord at waistband to its low elastic cuffs I can see the actual innovation but the fabric and the washing too are details that set this item apart. The first is thin but resistant while the second is on point: it looks like a genuinely worn garment.

I found refreshing to have the typical cargo silhouette with the absence of pockets on the side. To find the same flaps of these pockets on the back (without buttons) is a clear sign of a personal interpretation of the classic cargo that I welcome with pleasure.

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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