DGK doesn’t mean drinks gone kindly (except in this case)

I never did a review of a beanie before. What is there to review in a beanie? Nothing but availability in this case. Where to find DGK products is unknown to me. I’ve been to LA and even there the Dirty Ghetto Kids Stevie Williams kicks were nowhere to be found. As real as it comes, my man Tayo is a local at the clubs where I work as a PR, so he thought that this cap would give him a free drink as a fair trade. He has DGK products because his cousin works at RBK, so he got in his hands this sample that he probably didn’t like. This beanie, also known as skully in the ghettoest spots, is really rich in craftmanship: even if all of them in any skateshop are 100% acrylic, this one too made of the above composition is so fluffy that tricked more than one expert about being made of wool. I know that DGK and RBK now have parted ways, but as a potential customer I was into both brands and I loved their stuff. Of course now I’m on Stevie Williams side. I’m down with the man, not with the brand. By the way no, I didn’t offered Tayo a drink that night, I had none left, I drank them already. Next time, homie!

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