Diadora ● 5 Palle Targa t-shirt + Offside Track Pant

When performance is all you ask to your sport equipment you know you can count on Diadora. Being in the sportswear field for decades, the brand developed all it takes to take your efforts to the next level. Do you want to wear a moisture free pair of pants? Breathable fabrics come into play, when you wear a pair of ADV pants for your running session. What can ever be the ideal solution when you play tennis on clay? How about a powerful and reactive Speed Blushield Fly 2 + AG with its stable and breathable structure?

Then you have leisure moments where you just want to be comfortable like meeting friends at a barbecue session rather than going at a live show and in this case it’s another situation.

No need to perform but rather to relax and this is where the section of Diadora commonly called lifestyle comes into play. Tell the world that sport is a main aspect of your life with 5 Palle Targa T-shirt. Wear your love for a cozy feeling with Offside Track Pant.

The colorway of this crisp summer outfit is aggressive because of its black base but the kelly green accents make it fresh.

5 Palle Targa T-shirt is made of organic cotton, being this part of Diadora production approved by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Making its part for a better tomorrow is a point that makes the Italian brand stand out even more.

For what concerns Offside track pant, you have a matching pant to give a stronger impact to your outfit. The outside branded band is a classic Italian sportswear touch. This easy to wear pant has ribbed cuffs at the bottom to make your Diadora sneakers stand out even more.

Following The Doors guidelines Diadora has a suggestion for you: light your fire. No matter if you are at the above mentioned barbecue or if you are feeling the fire of the sport performance burning inside you, Diadora is all this. Give a look to Diadora website now: its sales represent true bargains that you don’t have to miss.

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