Diadora ● 5Palle Offside t-shirt

Diadora has that authentic sportswear heritage that only a brand born in 1948 can have. Diadora evolution went from working boots to sneakers to a complete lifestyle brand sold all over the world to represent Italian greatness. It’s not bragging: it’s a matter of fact. Italian sport icons Marco Tardelli and Roberto Bettega were at a point sponsored by Diadora, just like tennis superstar Bjorn Borg.

The rebirth of the brand in 2009 after its acquisition by Lir, the same holding that also owns Geox, had a double function. The first is to continue with more resources the path of progression of the brand while the second is to give a back up for what concerns logistics and distribution for a worldwide diffusion of the brand.

It’s in this way that the whole planet can witness firsthand items with retro inspiration such as this 5 Palle Offside t-shirt. Straight from the vault where 90’s apparel was archived, this t-shirt adds spice to the basic logo tee concept. We saw one last season (modeled by coincidence by Samira T, just like this one) but not with the same attention to detail of this one.

Here the branded bands that took over sportswear in these last seasons become the main characters, on a t-shirt that otherwise wouldn’t have been so much impressive. With a strong graphic design that give the right contrast to the white fabric of the tee, you have them stitched on the side of the body of the tee and not on sleeves.

Beside your best sport moments think for a second how this t-shirt is ready to be part of next level outfit. With a tech looking jogger pant you are ready to give justice to the full potential of this tee. In case you are wondering what is my suggestion of sneakers to wear with this tee, just stay tuned: I have some new Diadora sneakers that just dropped to show you soon…
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