Diadora ● B.Elite Camo Socks

They say a lot about us Italians in the world but fortunately Diadora is making everybody say other things too. They make fun of our pasta eating habits, they say that we keep on moving our hands as we speak, they noticed that we stay at home with mum and dad for too many years so kudos to Diadora for shifting the focus off these topics a bit.

Thanks to the brand from Caerano San Marco, people around the world start to say that Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan is wearing Italian shoes. Or that we are nice people since Diadora is collaborating with milestones by the likes of Patta and Afew.

Or that we put in sneaker craftsmanship the same care that we put to tailoring suits. We are not that bad all in all…

What people probably isn’t saying is that once Diadora was the sponsor of pro tennis player extraordinaire Bjorn Borg. This lead to the creation of a timeless pair of sneakers called B.Elite. I didn’t use the word “timeless” by accident because that style was on point back in 76, when it first dropped, like it is today.

With a restyling conceptually close to those N9000 Camo Socks that I showed you recently, here comes B.Elite Camo socks.

Made of premium suede in the toe area while side panels and heel are made of ballistic nylon, this style in the hands of Claudia M has that special something. Conceived to be a lifestyle shoe with a strong urban appeal, its special feature is the neoprene bootie.

In order to give you an ideal fit, the tongue becomes one with such bootie, making the shoe also warmer than an average B.Elite.

Don’t waste time anymore reading this: now jump to Diadora website and check its sales. Like a true Italian you can’t resist to a bargain sale…
Shop online for this item here > hhttp://www.diadora.com/it/it/b.elite_camo_socks/501.172764.html

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