Diadora ● B.Elite H Italia Sport

Sometimes it’s all in the name but not always we have all the necessary informations to understand it. Not by accident I am doing this blog for 12 years now: to represent the missing link about what brands tell you and what you actually know.

May we start from the very beginning then? Welcome to the post about Diadora B.Elite H Italia Sport. It is part of the current proposal of the Italian brand Diadora, based in Caerano S.Marco, close to Venice greater area, whose name means “sharing gifts and honors”. It is in 1948 that this artisanal company started to craft with the utmost care mountain boots and also work footwear that start to make a buzz back then for the quality of each detail.

B.Elite is the name of these tennis sneakers where B stands for Björn Borg. The Stockholm native was a tennis champion whose unmistakable image with long hair and sponge headband stood out just like his excellence in sport (and his troubled private life). Diadora gave him a pro model in 1976 whose essential design defies the challenge of time and is still available today.

H stands for Diadora Heritage, the division that elevates the standards of the brand to the maximum as far as materials and craftsmanship.

Italy in this case does not only mean where the headquarters are based but where the production cycle takes place. The production plant of this serie located in Caerano S. Marco is where this style sees the light of day.

Made of premium leather with some pigskin details, this is an ideal pair of lifestyle sneakers, to enjoy to the fullest your leisure time.

Sport is Diadora backbone, the engine that keeps everything in motion, the foundation that this brand is based on and it will never be in any other way. Keeping up with the evolution of sportswear that is now part of our everyday life, you can wear Diadora passion at your feet with the utmost satisfaction.

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