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The power of classics, authentic heritage, timeless… how many times do you hear these words nowadays?! Streetwear and sportswear proposal is divided in two main trends: the first comes from certified original brands that know and research constantly in order to provide you effective solutions for a current style and the second comes from brands that claim to be the newest of the new.

While the first is something you can count on, the second sometimes give you total randomness all in the name of alleged hype.

We are dealing with the first today, as Diadora lets us give a look to a pair of B.Elite L. We saw three pairs of B.Elite in the past already: one was a Premium white/burgundy pair, the other was “Baretta” Limited Edition while the most recent was that Camo Socks that we saw last winter.

It’s a style that the Italian sportswear brand keeps in its heart, considering that the first run of this style goes back to the mid 70s. The name B.Elite comes from Bjorn Borg that signed to Diadora in 1976 in order to have his own pro model tennis shoe.

In its debut ad on magazines you could see Borg explaining, among other features, how this lacing not only is speed but it self adjusts as you run on the court.

In order to celebrate the Wimbledon gold of our champ, Diadora manufactured 1976 pairs of this sneaker that year.

Back to current times this style has that retro edge that is hard to resist but the strength of the brand from Caerano San Marco is on premium materials. That’s where experience counts. That’s why this style in the hands of Sabrina M is made of an off-white full grain leather with the dart on the side in matte gold, as a sort of tribute to the first B.Elite ever.

When it’s a certified classic, you can’t go wrong…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi

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