Diadora ● Barra Track Jacket

I can feel it: never before sportswear hit in such a massive way my blog. It all makes sense if you think that The Maxiemillion is a reflection of what happens on the streets and it’s there that you keep on seeing more and more track pants and track jackets. If before sportswear in our common way of dressing was limited to sneakers and (later on) to hoodies, then it all expanded recently to the whole sportswear proposal.

If you consider that Diadora started its long path crafting mountain boots, it’s a matter of evolution and the Italian brand knows it very well. Nowadays the brand that calls Caerano San Marco home can count in its range not only the workwear boots that he is notorious for, but also a Sportswear and Heritage collection that have way more than “sneakers only” to propose.

The track jacket is an exact science and nobody needs to explain anything to Diadora about it. Don’t you remember those Diadora Track Jackets that I already posted here in past seasons?

Thanks to its strong roots in sports, all the details that matter are at their place but it is at this point that the above mentioned evolution comes into play. Stripes and deconstructed styles, just like asymmetric designs, are extremely contemporary and they all had an influence in the process of creating this men’s Barra Track Jacket.

Here the genuine sporty attitude meets a progressive street fashion approach that is not afraid to dare. The same stripes that you find on the sleeve end up on the back, making the Diadora branding closer to a street sign.

The branding on the front is based on a monochromatic embroidery that you almost can’t see, together with a custom zipper pull with a retro appeal.

So put those coach jackets on hold, give a break to your denim jackets and you will look great pairing Barra Track Jacket with allover print jogger pants rather than a fresh pair of chinos. You may even pull it out with camouflage cargo pants. Streets are watching so you’d better make them look at you with a smile.
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Photos courtesy of Gros

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