Diadora ● Bomber Jacket Inside Out

I know, you are too busy in the final rush of this Christmas edition, the last of the decade, so it’s an awkward moment to post on a streetwear blog but I can’t resist. I mean, it’s always the right moment to go on Diadora website to see what is cooking when it comes to this Italian sportswear brand.

We have seen bombers of all styles and prices for a few seasons now. So only innovative versions are allowed and this is exactly the case. I was aware that Diadora bombers were out at an interesting price but as soon as I received Bomber Jacket Inside Out I tested it and I can confirm that not only the price is right, but even its level of quality is on point.

Usually when you cop reversible items you opt for one side and you rarely wear the other but here you have two completely different visual impacts that suggest you to use both versions of the jacket.

If you are not someone that looks for attention you will indulge in wearing the black side otherwise how can you resist to wear the cinquepalle logo pattern? It is the second time we see it, being Track Top 1/2 Zip 5Palle AOP the first, but it is evidet that such orange version is much more “in your face”.

It all can be reconnected with the recent wave of utility garments that put the accent on reflective details but also on neon yellow and bright orange, solutions that allow you to stay visible on the streets.

While the black version has the typical pocket of the bomber jacket on the arm and two press buttons on each hand pocket, the orange one is lighter, missing both these elements.

It’s up to you now: wear the same goose jacket forever or evolve your style with such a versatile jacket that is ready to boost your crisp factor like never before. The answer is in that website I told you in the opening paragraph: go browse Diadora apparel section and you won’t be left empty handed.

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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