Diadora ● Dribble t-shirt

Sometimes we tend to forget our roots. All this progression together with the urban cycle commonly called the rat race never leaves us time to relax and think. Diadora found a way to make us reflect on how long the journey of this Italian brand has been. You may perceive Diadora as a brand that deals mostly in running and lifestyle sneakers if you read my reviews but I will help you out now giving you the big picture.

It ain’t hard to tell: Diadora 1948 written in large letters on this tee states the year of birth of the Italian sportswear brand. As a matter of fact it first started its long journey as a family business to produce mountain boots, considering how the area of Caerano San Marco is at the bottom of Alps. This later on lead to the production of ski and after ski boots

As you may know the brand took off, becoming one of the key sportswear brand specialized in football and tennis during the 80s and later on this included most sports that Italians got passionate about in their leisure time. This is what is commonly referred as heritage when we talk apparel: the authentic past of a brand that makes it richer in culture if compared to the new brands on the block. In simple words: heritage is the past that new brands can’t buy.

This is something to be proud of that’s why Diadora dedicates to that birthdate this Dribble t-shirt whose sporty appeal is ready to become part of a streetwear outfit. Take note of how this tee worn by Samira T could technically be a jersey, considering its ribbed hem on sleeves.

I bet that all this talking is now making you see Diadora from a different perspective. Feel free to indulge in an extended browsing of Diadora website: you can’t buy heritage but on the contrary, all the apparel is available online for your shopping.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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