Diadora ● Duratech Elite

Diadora is a brand that I can’t stay off for too long. I recently reviewed the Gelindo Bordin Diadora Mythos 280 GB, a technical advanced sneaker ready to perform on a track field. But if you are familiar with this blog, you know that my cup of tea are lifestyle sneakers: footwear inspired by performance to look good in a streetwear outfit.

It was around eight months ago when we saw last time Diadora Duratech Elite but I wanted to bring it back today in this colorway for a simple reason: it looks great and it feels even better.

When a style is carried over by a brand and each season just brings a couple of new colorways of the same model, the brand is silently telling you that that style did well in sales and didn’t get any issue. So you can take advantage, getting previous colorways at a bargain price and this is exactly the case.

This Duratech Elite is able to withstand daily abuse, no matter if you wear it to school or to dance, and it’s really easy to match. I said daily here above figuring out a kid that wears his Diadoras at school, so probably he is still not the matching champ that he will become one day. The Adriatic Blue tone is there to look good with your denim pants and the pop of red just makes you visible and good looking with most other colors.

Another key factor about these sneakers that I had the chance to test already is their solid structure. A multilayered full grain leather upper like this, beside its appealing retro-tech look, is built to last. Wear this style season after season and you will never want to take it off, thanks to the Double Action technology.

Developed originally for tennis players, to give maximum cushioning on the heel, thanks to two elastomers with different density, this style is able to give you the comfort, the Italian sportswear brand got you used to through the years (and through my reviews).

Plus how can you resist to this clear patriotic outsole (the same of Diadora Rebound Ace that I posted two months ago)?

Wait no longer: browse Diadora sale section and cop the bargain of the year…

Shop online for this item here: https://www.diadora.com/it/it/duratech_elite/501.175729.html
Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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