Diadora ● Duratech Elite

Can you get enough of retro sneakers? I sure don’t and Diadora backs up my line of thought with a few styles that bring us all back to the 90s.

If last time we checked a pair of Diadora sneakers it was a basketball inspired style like MI Basket Row Cut, this time we venture in running sneakers territory.

It is enough to look at it and we face a narrative that includes red clay tennis courts and sport heroes of the past in their best period wearing sponge headbands. We all know it is still the same but… totally different.

It is with a sort of nostalgia effect that Diadora loves to bring us back to those glorious days when tennis was not about winners but rather about champions. You can see all the above in this Duratech Elite.

From its bold logo on the tongue up to the spray effect of the infrared touch on the midsole, you have the best of both worlds with this style. Featuring the technology based on EVA cushioning called Double Action and a padded lining, you can slip your feet inside and feel the superior comfort level.

The Italian brand whose name Diadora is a blend of Dia and Dorea (meaning in ancient Greek “sharing gifts and onors”) keeps the same standard of quality that made this sportswear brand the icon it is today.

With its multilayered structure made of full grain leather, including perforated panels, and a color palette that blinks an eye to a long gone era of the past, you can turn these sneakers into an element of a contemporary outfit. What’s better than the simplest attire ever: a white t-shirt, a pair of baby blue chambray shorts and these Duratech Elite?

A special feature of these running sneakers is its hidden detail that makes this style special: its clear gum sole. Letting you peep the Italian flag as a tribute to the motherland, this style is ready to become a staple in your sneakers selection. I foresee a heavy rotation… Make it bright just like Diadora wants!

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