Diadora ● Jacket Trofeo

Do you remember the last time we talked about Diadora? It was not long ago and we focused on Track Jacket + Pant Trofeo. In all its simplicity that track suit caught my attention because of a couple of details, branded tape on the inside of the leg above all. Now I’m showing you the sequel, but this is not Star Wars: it is style war.

I’m not telling you fantasy tales, I’m concrete with this Jacket Trofeo: it really exists and belongs to Diadora proposal. The Italian sportswear brand is mostly known for its sneakers whose actual heritage and premium materials makes them automatically an Italian excellence. But beside Diadora shoes, even apparel has a reason to be on my radar: I can easily relate to its taste.

This hooded zipper could be generically labeled as windbreaker but I also heard people call this kind of nylon Woven. It is similar to crepe fabric, with a slightly puckered feeling. Designed to be worn for a jogging session where you may want to get protected in case of rain, rather than for your warm up at the gym, entering with your hands in the pockets, this item is as necessary just like it is versatile.

I always tell you that the coolest outfits are those where you express your personality mixing street and sport inspirations. Now, think of Jacket Trofeo as a lightweight zipper fleece and wear it beneath your denim jacket or with a goose vest where only sleeves and hood are visible.

Its tonal plastic zip is complete with a branded zipper pull that looks exactly like the one of the Track Jacket Trofeo that I told you about in the opening paragraph.

The good news are that this item is now 50% off so you can cop it at a ridiculous price and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Not feeling this Orange Mustard colorway? It is also available in Black and Red Cherry Tree (but only orange looks this good with your best pair of camo cargo pants). Hurry up and would avoid last minute surprises…

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