Diadora ● Light your fire t-shirt

I have a big support from Diadora. This, translated to you my reader, means that in a season we had the chance to see an outfit made by t-shirt and track pants, then a classic made in Italy Diadora Heritage style , but also a complete tracksuit and a couple of Diadora limited edition sneakers including those Luminarie made in collaboration with Leo Colacicco. A quite wide proposal where everyone may fall in love with an aspect or another of the Italian brand from Caerano S.Marco. No matter if it’s a striking color combination rather than the high level of craftsmanship and materials, Diadora has it.

These days flipping through my shots to post on The Maxiemillion this t-shirt was under my eyes and it felt like something coming with perfect timing. Light Your Fire t-shirt is dedicated to a mindset that is dedicated both to sport performance and to everyday life in contemporary situation. You may light your fire on the track field when your goal is getting the first place on the podium and you need to give all you got to conquer it.

Now think for a second to the new scenario of our lives. Isn’t everybody asking us to sacrifice more in order to get to the final result of a healthy existence? A suggestion to “light your fire” sounds like a reminder to self and others, so I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to show it.

This t-shirt with a claim whose inspiration comes from a legendary track such as Doors “Light my fire” goes by a scheme that seems to be much en vogue recently: the front and back print. Avoiding the much common plot with the same graphic small on the front and large on the back, here there are two different ones. The print on the front shows a Diadora logo in a a rectangular shape. You can wear this with a shirt or a jacket sliding hiding it, just to have a surprise effect when you reveal the t-shirt that you are wearing.

There is more: now this item is available online on Diadora website at a bargain price. Time to light up your t-shirt selection…

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