Diadora ● MI Basket Row Cut

It seems that the only way to make a difference is to tell a story. An engaging story that keeps you on your toes and with this style by Diadora it is exactly the case.

Originally designed in 1984, it was the choice of Milan Basket team in its hightop version. I posted already MI Basket 84 Used and I remember even if it was 6 years ago how impressed I was by touching its premium leather.

History repeats but this time its like someone grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it in half, turning this style into a lowtop. The raw unfinished cut of the tongue with its fine embroidery gives it a street ready appeal but the smoothness of the full grain leather stays the same.

Opting for a distressed look instead of the “fresh out of the box” one, you have the same impact of a pair of worn denim pants. These shoes have a dirty yellowish outsole and even slightly scuffed toes thanks to its stone washed treatment, like they have been battling for victory on the roughest concrete courts.

Could it be that after a tough game the player had to hand stitch with a string these basketball sneakers on the side, to keep them together?

Made in the European Community, Portugal to be exact, this style not only has a strong retro flavor but it is also comfortable, thanks to its padded side panels.

Part of Diadora Heritage collection, this style belongs to the top division of the brand that selects iconic styles of the past turning them into modern masterpieces, where every detail contributes to an outstanding final result. Also part of Diadora Heritage division are new designs with progressive current silhouettes like the Rave Leather Pop that I posted here last season.

Available in two more colorways, the style pictured here is ready for great results with a simple formula: washed denim pants and a white tee. Classic American sporty style and Italian excellence in sports footwear: is there anything else you may ask? Stay connected: I have a bunch of other Diadora sneakers and apparel and I can’t wait to show them all to you.

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