Diadora ● MVB Track Jacket + MVB Pant

In this extensive insight of Diadora range that I am giving you during this season, you could not miss a track jacket / track pants combo. While a few brands try hard to be legit designing items that blink an eye to sportswear tradition, Diadora lived a glorious past whose stories are all part of its endless archive.

It was 1994 when the Italian brand based in Caerano San Marco created the Diadora Advance line, destined to dress soccer players during their warm up phase of the training. Considering Diadora tradition apparel was designed to be functional and to stand out at the same time. This gave birth to MVB Track Jacket and MVB Pant.

Working on a woven fabric, Diadora created an intertwined design that puts emphasis on shoulders and arms. Adding a layer that expands to chest around the jacquard band on sleeves, making it look like it was a frame of the band itself, contributes to an out of the ordinary track jacket.

Add a retro color palette whose tones recreate the original sportswear feeling and you are ready to let this item slide in a streetwear outfit where mix and match is the only rule. I would avoid denim with a track jacket like this but anything goes for the rest: a workwear pant just like a wide fit chino, to look good with the 90s fit of MVB Track Jacket.

Everything I just said also works with MVB pants. Wear them with a skate t-shirt rather than a retro rock tee and a camouflage jacket and you will see that this Diadora item doesn’t lack personality when it’s tested on the streets, far from the football field, its natural element.

With its jacquard band over 3/4 of the length of the leg, this design is all but basic, giving you once again the picture of the passion that is the engine of Diadora.

Give a look to Diadora website and you will find the new Fall / Winter season together with a bunch of interesting sale items in its Outlet section. Time to sharpen your mix and match skills…

Shop online for these items here: https://www.diadora.com/it/it/track_jacket_mvb/502.173618.html

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