Diadora ● Mythos 280 GB

They say that nothing like an authentic story captures the attention and I couldn’t agree more. This is why when sport champs have a story to tell, all we can do is sit and listen.

It’s a tale of a young champ with a promising future, that thanks to the right trainers got exposed to challenges that only pushed him to give his best. Gelindo Bordin conquered local competitions of Vicenza and Verona at the end of the 70’s but had the potential to make his name heard even outside Italy. This is why he conquers Milan Marathon in 1984 with a gold but it’s all just a warm up that will take Gelindo Bordin to win first place at Seoul Olympics Marathon in 1988. Same for Boston Marathon that he won in 1990 as the first Olympic Champ to ever take home such title.

Diadora collaborated with Gelindo Bordin in 2000 to develop a running shoe silhouette that could improve performance through technical innovation with a progressive design. Not an easy challenge, considering what the market had to offer but working with Diadora opened up several possibilities for what concerns technologies that could be part of this daring project.

Just like the athlete, Diadora wants to be that Italian name that stands out at a worldwide level, when it comes to footwear for winners.

Mythos 280 GB got relased for the first time in 2009 and its Axeler Heel Propulsion made of Pebax made it stable and reactive with no memory. Add a nylon airmesh and suprell-tech upper and the outcome is a lightweight pair of runners that was a game changer.

Diadora thought that it was the right time to bring it back maintaining its original technologies but giving it a contemporary colorway.

With a tongue that includes reflective panels to emphasize in any light condition the laurels of this Italian winner, this is ready to become the retro-tech style to blend in a streetwear outfit.

You heard the story of the past but this limited edition Mythos 280 GB is available now, so all you have to do is get it from the source before your size is gone (and this is a story that we all want to avoid…).

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