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Our exploration of Diadora territory goes on with the second pair of sneakers, during this special week dedicated to the Italian sportswear brand. After we saw Diadora N9000 Leone on Monday, belonging to Diadora Heritage section, I am here to give you an insight on a style that belongs to Diadora Sportswear line.

Among all the new releases of this season a silhouette captured my attention and its name is Diadora Mythos. After all the mandatory celebration of the 90’s with all the throwback styles and chunky sneakers, it is now time to celebrate 2000.

The wave of sneakers with a technically advanced design was a reality that represents a twist in footwear that has a distinct flavor, recreated by this style. Its silhouette has a multilayered structure where eco leather and nylon mesh together make these shoes lightweight but it is the wavy midsole to steal the show.

Sculpted and colorful, this part of the sneakers made of EVA contributes to keep the weight to a minimum, providing at the same time a reactive factor that makes running (or simply walking) a pleasure. Here such pleasure is increased by the stability that its anti torsion shank in the middle of the outsole is able to give.

The almost obsessive research typical of those years surfaces when you look at the mirror finish of the heel rather than at protruding eyelets.

I see these sneakers worn with light blue denim with a relaxed (or even baggy) fit and a matching royal blue or grey pullover, in an ideal outfit. Keeping your outfit simple always makes your sneakers pop out the most, don’t forget it.

Such style is part of the more accessible Diadora Sportswear line, as I said. It is in this section that innovation and captivating sport footwear are available for the fans of the brand that can’t afford exclusive made in Italy sneakers crafted with premium materials.

Our special on this brand is not over yet,. What is left to do is, not only to browse Diadora website to figure out for yourself which are your ideal sneakers, but also to come back soon on The Maxiemillion to check what’s next…

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