Diadora ● N9000 Bright Protection

This time Diadora outdid itself. I am talking about the Italian champ of running shoes also known as N9000 or more simply “The 9”. I did a few posts about this model but sure I wasn’t ready for this major improvement.

The brand that is living a newfound popularity among sneakers aficionado, is not making a weak step, from the evolution of its throwback models to collaborations with the likes of Raekwon The Chef. What were the two features missing from this model got added making it a virtually unbeatable sneaker. Winter approaching does not put us in fear when the shoes in the hands of Alice L are reflective and waterproof. That’s why we had a little fun and shoot these with a flash, to improve their reflective feature. It seems the natural evolution of sportswear. You just want to train, no matter the time, no matter the weather.

Nothing can stop your performance and in order to do so you have to train at any cost. N9000 Bright Protection is the name of this model whose stability and confort is top level like the other Ns that we saw before. Diadora has the focus on this model, you can tell from the video clip shot in Los Angeles that is dedicated to it, where shop assistants have to delivery this model to customers… running. To increase its neon yellow accents feel free to use the other laces provided in the box. The only thing missing here is your performance but I’m sure that after you slip your feet in, it will follow. In any type of weather. Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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