Diadora ● N9000 Camo Golf Club

I am following Diadora moves for a while now and I am glad to see that, step by step, it has been able to reposition itself as a top sneaker brand. Beside the strong competition running among sporting goods company, Diadora shines because of its points of strength: quality of materials, superior craftsmanship and of course authentic Italian heritage.

We are not new to the model that goes by the name of N9000 aka The N. I posted more than a review of it: being a staple in the collection of this brand, each season Diadora offers you new versions as far as colorway and materials. If last time I gave you a waterproof and reflective model, conceived to endure Winter weather, this time the colorway is a celebration of Spring. Confort and stability of the N9000 are second to none, as I told you one year ago when I reviewed the Double colorway.

Here in the hands of Sally B a mesh, canvas and suede mix contribute to have a solid structure without too much excess weight. This refined style, named not by chance N9000 Golf Camo Green, evokes good times and nature rather than war or hunters. Do you see the logo on the tongue? It represents a Sakura, a cherry flower in Japanese, the symbol of purity. A Japanese Samurai in his code has to keep his soul close to the Sakura as far as purity.

Diadora does not want you to swing an Hattori Hanzo sword, rest assured: just make sure that your spirit is open to overcome urban challenges that keep on changing.

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