Diadora ● N9000 Camo Socks

The Five Fly Footwear Flavors saga continues and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Here we are, at the third installment of this special “all about shoes” that took over The Maxiemillion for a week.

What better occasion to show some love to Diadora?! After I saw an Instagram picture of Raekwon yesterday morning and then one with the Wu squad featuring no-one else than Drake, where Raekwon is wearing Diadora in both shots, I had no doubt: time for another N9000.

I said “another” considered that I posted more than one N9000 on this blog already and the reason is simple: no other pair of sneakers is comfortable like this one. It must be its insole paired with an EVA midsole and a rubber outsole that keep my feet in place like no one other sneaker does. In general N9000 are the shoes I wear to feel better when my feet hurts from the day before.

But this style has something that stands out compared to others: N9000 Camo Socks has an internal bootie of camouflage neoprene. This means that the tongue is made od a material that stretches in order to give you a superior fit, leaving the feet free at the same time. This is nothing but the true evolution of a classic style, ready for harsh temperatures.

Other remarkable differences are round laces and the metal eyelets on the last hole, very en vogue if you consider that footwear this season winkles an eye to outdoor and hiking boots details whenever possible.

Its premium suede is smooth just like the Italian brand got us used to. It is with quality materials and iconic styles that withstand the challenge of time that this brand made a name for itself worldwide. You don’t have Raekwon showing love to this brand… just because.

See you tomorrow: fourth episode of Five Fly Footwear Flavors awaits.
Shop online for this item here > http://www.diadora.com/it/it/n9000_camo_socks/501.172763.html

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