Diadora ● N9000 H Desert Pack

This planet we call Earth is part of our main concerns these days. How could it be different with the complex combination of pollution, climate change and earth warming?! Sometimes we have to take action in order to support it while other times we can sit back, relax and get inspired by it.

Diadora knows better, being on this path for long, with a sustainability program that includes production with organic cotton, packaging made with excess seaweed and shopping bags whose raw material is recycled paper.

With ethos and codes that this sportswear brand make revolve around a basic principle of respect for its employees and community, Diadora represents a timeless Italian approach to sportswear that keeps on playing by its own rules.

Moving swiftly among trends, its proposal is inclusive of fresh chunky sneakers styles from Diadora Sportswear collection including Whizz Run or made in Italy lifestyle sneakers B. Elite, part of Diadora Heritage collection. I recently showed you N9000 H Luminarie from the latter and today I have another colorway of the same style whose impact is very different.

Inspired by pastel tones of the same Earth that Diadora supports with its constant commitment, the Desert Pack also includes Intrepid and Eclipse styles. Making sand tan meet off white tones with the light green touch of a palm under the sun, this is discreet harmony at its peak, showing the great potential of this brand.

What makes this style stand out beside its colorway is the choice of materials. Looking closely, its canvas and smooth pigskin suede upper is a celebration of contrast, with a very delicate impact at the same time.

The wrapping sensation of N9000 is something that I suggest to test in person. Stable and light this style is a life saver when your feet hurt from hard training.

Designed with Summer in mind, you can easily turn it into a mid season style with the help of the right pair of camouflage pants. It’s up to you to make the best of the opportunities: premium sneakers like these at sale prices become very interesting, beside being inspired…

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