Diadora ● N9000 H Diablo

Diadora N9000 represents a love affair here at The Maxiemillion. Not only I am wearing a pair now as I write, but I posted so many N9000 colorways already to feast your eyes on, that leaves no room for error: this style is a favorite around here.

There is something fascinating in this style that for some may the perfect balance of its silhouette rather than its retro appeal but one thing is sure: very few other sneakers that I wear give me such level of comfort.

What makes this Diadora N9000 H Diablo special is its craftsmanship. Entirely made in Caerano San Marco, Venice, where the headquarters of the brand are located, this pair is a celebration of hands-on expertise, genuine artisanal work, stating once again that made in Italy can make the difference even in sportswear, not only when it comes to high end fashion.

The inspiration is strong as we analyse closely this style, starting by its name. It’s a dedication to Italian sport cars, when luxe is strictly related to performance, sharing the same vision of Diadora. Premium suede gets along with tonal accents made of carbon fiber both on the vamp and on the heel.

It’s sporty and aggressive with a color palette that talks about your passion for speed, making this style a perfect fit for Diadora Heritage line. Do you remember that other N9000 Leone that we saw here not long ago? Sharing the same level of craftsmanship, it is in this section that we find classic styles that gets a reason to be part of the proposal of the brand over and over, changing colorway every season.

I envision such style in an outfit that shall include a leather jacket and distressed denim pants, giving the picture of how much this sport cars world belongs to you.

Time to let the engine of your style going and it goes without saying that with Diadora you are on the right way to victory.

Consider this style as a cultural statement and while you are at it browse the whole Diadora Heritage section to discover how the Italian tradition in sportswear evolved to the utmost level of quality.

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