Diadora ● N9002

When you think Italian sportswear there is no way you can leave out Diadora from the top brands. It’s from the 60s that this footwear brand works to provide solutions for sports staying true to its core values.

The name Diadora comes from ancient Greek and it means “sharing gifts and honors” and it’s in the DNA of the brand to share the footwear craftsmanship technique that has been sharpened in decades of research in order to get the best results for the athletes of its roster.

Beside its Heritage collection where the brand reissued classic styles with contemporary features, Diadora develops a Sportswear collection that is more contemporary and progressive.

What sets Diadora apart is the quality of its materials, like in the case of this N9002. Here premium suede gets along with nylon ripstop to create a structure that is lightweight but stable. The nylon is placed strategically on the vamp to make this sneaker breathable, that considering the season we are in, it’s a feature not to underestimate.

Reinforced on the back with a plastic panel that has the double function of branding, the N9002 is the evolution of the N9000, the style that I have posted previously in several versions.

This running style bases its responsiveness on the lightweight foam of its midsole that will give you an energy return just as you need it for your performance.

Beside all the technical features it’s the colorway that steals the show. Its white nylon paired with off-white suede and synthetic leather turquoise Dart, is ready for a DJ set on the beach at sunset. Isn’t it the natural evolution of sportswear: to sneak into street fashion world where music is the strongest influence?

Take some time to give a browse Diadora website: there is always a reason to wear a sneaker from this brand, to share the beauty and functionality of its styles with your entourage.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi

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