Diadora ● N902 S

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is how it goes when you are Diadora, one of the staple of your range is called N9000 and you want to pay a tribute to it, thinking of how effective this design has been from the jump up to now.

A style that first saw the light of day in 1990, originally designed as a running sneaker, Diadora N9000 gets love worldwide, considering how easy it is to wear on daily basis outside the track field or the gym. Blame it on its superior comfort or on its premium materials but once you wear an N (this is how fans of the brand call this style) you hardly want to take it off.

This is why Diadora wanted to work on a a pair of sneakers that has a similar silhouette but differs in a few features. This lead to the creation of N902 S a style slightly less expensive but still true to the standards that the Italian sportswear brand has built its reputation on.

It’s easy to spot the winning formula of this style: lightweight and breathable, because of its mesh side panels and vamp, they give a pleasant feeling at each step, being very stable.

Giving a closer look even its tongue is made of mesh in its bottom half, contributing to the overall breathability.

Wrapped around your feet, this style couldn’t be so appealing without its suede structure, here showing a tone of navy on the heel and off-white on the rest of the sneaker. Intertwined with the contrasting yellow Diadora dart on the side, this classic looking running style doesn’t fear nonsense designs that rely their impact on shock value.

This Italian sportswear brand didn’t get where it is because of gimmick but rather because there is a lot of hard work in the design lab of the headquarters in Caerano San Marco, making tradition and progression work in your favor

Everything is lined up for you to enjoy these N902: just browse Diadora website and as a surprise you will find out that not only this style is mad fresh but it also has a quality / price rate you can’t beat, no matter how much you train…

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