Diadora ● Rebound Ace

Here we are at the third installment that pulls the curtain on Diadora special week. After I gave you a top of range on Monday with N9000 Leone from Diadora Heritage, I ventured in Diadora Sportswear to show you the new silhouette called Mythos. Different options for different needs is the secret under everyone’s eyes in order to have a proposal that can make anybody happy.

What about those that can’t afford the most recent styles yet they recognize the quality of this brand and don’t feel like settling for anything less? Diadora outlet section of the website has discounted sneakers from previous seasons, doubling up their potential. If you are someone whose wardrobe has all the color options you may even find something to put the final touch on the ultimate outfit.

Do you remember when we first saw Diadora Rebound Ace? It was two years ago but I still wear that style. Its solid leather structure doesn’t wear out like suede and its colorway is still matching to this day a few key pieces of my hat selection.

Today we give a look to Diadora Rebound Ace in its Paloma / Limelight / True Navy colorway, that you should keep in check considering how easily it may look good with your denim items. Look closely how the multilayered upper gets along with the slightly distressed color of the midsole, where the Double Action technology is located.

Originally designed for tennis (it is probably from there that the Ace part of the name comes from), this style allows you to wear it for the whole day in total comfort, thanks to its above mentioned technology. Its padded lining is there exclusively to pamper you, if I may add.

Its retro details steal the show: from the 3d tongue pull and heel to the perforated vamp, it is a go-to sneaker destined to be worn over and over but its key feature is the clear outsole.

Hidden by a multi color outline, the clear tread reveals the Italian flag that makes this style unique and captivating.

Our special is now over but Diadora website never stops: it’s there that you can find this and all the other styles of the Italian sportswear brand. Don’t hesitate, your bargain shopping is closer than you think.

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