Diadora ● Track Jacket BJ88 – ITA

I always say it when the track jacket topic comes into play: “track jackets are the new denim jackets”. This is basically a quick way to explain how big this category of product became. Who could give you better ones than the original sportswear brands, those that were on point when this kind of item first came around, in the 90’s?!


Diadora has a history that other brands can only dream about. This Italian sportswear milestone has all that tennis and football heritage that other brands would love to have but… they have not.


In this case our focus is on athletics. Back in 1988 this Track Jacket BJ88 – ITA is what you were wearing if you represented the Italian team at Seoul Olympics and now we are getting to the point. You can overprice your track jackets, drop all the colorways that you want but you are not representing authentic sports moments.


It’s like all of a sudden Diadora would start tailoring mens suits. It wouldn’t be genuine. So to all those brands cashing in on the track suit trends my suggestion is simple: stay in your lane.


Back to the track jacket that Carlo D is wearing, you couldn’t get a more precious piece. Entirely made in Italy, this is the jacket to wear now. It’s not cold yet, you can wear a long sleeve tee or a fleece with it. I envision this with a jogger pant or with a chino but in the very end it’s you running the track for the “freshest dressed” prize so… you tell me.


Check how its front is discreet versus the back. It has a rainbow-like logo that is gonna steal all the attention when you wear it. All this without stealing money from you, because you can’t afford the track jacket of your dreams.
Shop online for this item here > http://www.diadora.com/it/it/track_jacket_bj88_-_ita/502.172423.html?dwvar_502.172423_color=C0200&cgid=uomo-abbigliamento-giacche
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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