Diadora ● Track Jacket JC90S

I have developed a passion about Diadora track jackets. Blame it on the current trends that puts this category under the spotlight but mostly blame it on the accurate research that this brand operates on its archives.

Considering its position among heritage brands Diadora can count on a rich history that can only contribute to make this brand more legit in its throwbacks. With all the current emphasis on tennis as a style reference, the Italian brand can dig deep and come out with an item like this one that Gaz T is wearing.

Called Track Jacket JC90S, you can tell that the 90’s inspiration is there but what does JC stands for? All through the 90s Diadora was the proud sponsor of Jim Courier, a name of a champ that maybe streetwear fans aren’t familiar with. This tennis professional had its momentum going up back then, playing matches against Andre Agassi and John Mc Enroe among others.

That’s why its track jacket has such a strong retro flavor that basically is what urban individuals are trying to slip in their outfits these days. The sport heroes of the past worth way more than any Instagram campaign for a simple reason: they are more real therefore their level of authenticity is higher.

This item has a feature that others that I reviewed before have not: it can be converted into a short sleeve jacket simply pulling two zippers. On subject of zippers, I wouldn’t underestimate the closure of the pockets: nothing will fall out your track jacket once you pull the cursor.

Look closely and there is also a purple ribbed insert that contributes to the way this Diadora item drops once you wear it. I suggest you to check Diadora website in order to pick out carefully the track jacket that matches your style the most. From the most discreet to the most vivid colorway, there are plenty. Retro freshness is a must for your Summer…
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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