Diadora ● Track Jacket MVB + Pant MVB

I wanted to give justice to Diadora heritage this time creating a post that could tell tales of sport champs of the past that during the 70s and the 80s made this brand legendary. That’s why I took Elena S to one of the most historical tennis courts in my area and made her dress a men’s tracksuit.

I decided to act this way considering how things changed lately, with track jackets becoming the new denim jackets and entering streetwear as a common way of dress: respecting the roots but at the same time giving a current twist to these items.

Think of a tennis player of the past by the name of Bjorn Borg and think how much pressure there was at every match he played. His tracksuit made him a sort of warrior and contributed to the legendary image of the champ. Of course he had to wear something that he strongly believed in. Something that would show his opponents his potential and Diadora was all this.

Now think of our fast times, where we keep on completing tasks for work, meeting people for pleasure, playing sports to truly find ourselves and listening to music that recharge our attitude. Diadora is here to give a boost to your world, where all the above happens in a loop. The only way to come out winning is to show that you are a champ.

Track Jacket MVB here shown with Pant MVB show attention to detail with its intricate multilayered design that also includes the branded bands on the side. We saw them already on that 5 palle Offside t-shirt that I posted here not long ago.

The technical fabric that this tracksuit is made of is resistant and its relaxed fit will allow you not only to move free of restrictions but also to have a style that couldn’t be any fresher.

You will find this and many more items in Diadora Sportswear section on Diadora website. Be a champ, don’t be like everyone else…
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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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