Diadora ● Track Jacket + Pant Trofeo

I’m back like I never left, jumping in your face on a monday morning with a taste of Italian sportswear that bypasses boundaries.

I was on holiday on the Canary Islands and there at Playa de Las Canteras I had the ideal perception of contemporary streetwear: the mix among street and sport was happening in front of me, with runners of all ages doing their thing among tourists and the thing was happening in the same space. What could ever better define the ongoing situation of this healthy mix in continuous evolution that is The Maxiemillion?!

The streets as a space where you do your thing, it may be a walk at the studio rather than going to the last record vinyl shop, need to feel your dynamic approach to life and Diadora is all about being with you wherever you go, blurring the line among your action time and casual wearing.

Trofeo Track Jacket may be worn as an ensemble with Trofeo Track Pant but not necessarily, helping you to create the perfect outfit with a cargo camo pant just in case, providing the right contrast to the pattern with this magnetic shade of orange called Red Cherry Tree.

But I can even think of an all Diadora outfit rocking this with Diadora Rave Leather Pop chunky sneakers and Diadora Bomber Jacket Inside out that would totally make sense, overcharging to the maximum the bright vibe of track jacket and pant.

Diadora stays true to its “Make it Bright” claim, (visible on any box of Diadora Sportswear sneakers) even this time. The branded bands of this Trofeo Track pant are on the inside part of the leg, rather than on the outside, creating surprise. On both items, custom retro looking zipper pulls contribute to the timeless appeal of these sport essentials. You should know me by now: for me it’s all in the details and these are looking like those zipper pulls of Diadora Track Top 1/2 Zip 5Palle AOP.

The best time to cop these items is now because the sale effect on Diadora website will make your smile a little wider: your online shopping action awaits…

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