Diadora ● Track Top 1/2 Zip 5Palle AOP

Diadora is an Italian excellence. Very few other footwear brands get to reach such level of evolution, without forgetting its roots firmly planted in the tradition. Don’t think of tradition as something of the past: I’m thinking more about “traditional values”, where functionality has to get along with a contemporary style, like it ever was since the start.

This track top that we are checking out today is a clear example. With this item Diadora puts its knowledge, acquired in decades of experience of sneakers and workwear boots design, to apparel with a great result. Nowadays sportswear has a double task: beside supporting actual athletes and their performance, it must be ready to blend in a streetwear outfit where you may wear a sporty top together with utility pants.

This Track Top 1/2 Zip 5Palle AOP is just like this. Ready to keep you warm at the gym or to protect you when you are out jogging, this item shows a brilliant contrast among its woven fabric and its shining satin lining, based on the most effective color palette ever: army green and orange. You keep on seeing these colors together because with green you camouflage among trees but orange allows you to be seen by hunters, avoiding you to get hurt.

Its iconic 5Palle logo becomes an allover pattern that repeats such logo diagonally. It couldn’t be any smarter: in this way the original logo stays current, thanks to such innovative positioning. As far as branding you also have a bright woven label stitched on the hem, standing out properly and matching the lining.

Complete with custom zippers both on the neck and on hands pockets, this jacket has velcro straps on sleeces for a better fit.

Adjust its hem to your hips with its elastic cord and you are ready to front a hard training just like a night at the club.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Diadora website and discover a whole new way to improve your image this season.

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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