Diadora ● Whizz Run White/Blue Denim

Diadora can’t stay off my blog for too long. I witnessed the evolution of this Italian icon through the last seasons and I couldn’t be more psyched to have it on my blog. There is something for everyone in its range. From casual sneakers for mature demographics to the craziest silhouettes and colorways, everything is here, look no further.

As you may have easily understood if you checked my latest Pitti report, Diadora not only is a warranty for quality for what concerns the materials of its footwear but also for the delicate task of making classic silhouettes contemporary.

I can perceive the contamination among music and sport, that took Diadora to create this athleisure style to be worn in every corner of the city. This is what the brand is creating here: a retro style becomes contemporary in order to bridge the gap among sport and lifestyle, feeling more at its place in the crowd at a concert, rather than on a track field.

Whizz Run is one of the most en vogue chunky sneakers belonging to the proposal of the Italian brand. It doesn’t surprise me at all if I think that its price is absolutely reasonable and its shape is what is in demand now.

Bulky silhouettes where layers of mesh and leather intertwine in order to create a retro feeling is what captures the eye if streetstyle is your obsession and Whizz Run totally fits such identikit.

Not new to The Maxiemillion, last season we gave a look to Whizz Run in a more marine colorway and this confirms how a style gets perceived very differently according to its color palette. Wear that style to match your Los Angeles Dodgers snapback while you can wear this with your Chicago Bulls beanie.

Enjoy the comfort of Da Da2 cushioning system and you will not want to take your new chunky sneakers out anymore.

Now that you are at it, enjoy Diadora website to find out what Whizz Run colorway suits you the most: there are quite a few and they are all ready to conquer the streets…

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