Diadora – MI Basket 84 used

Diadora is a name that Italians know well (and Americans too start to know more and more). When it comes to athletic footwear, during the 70s very few brands stood out in the selection of shoes of sport shops and Diadora was already there. It has been in the 80s that designers of this brand started to apply their Italian taste to new sport shoes. With the awareness to be a milestone in the history of sports, Diadora dropped an authentic throwback with an unmatched flavor. Here in the hands of Eleonora C you have the “used look” version of MI Basket 84. This sneaker was originally designed, as you can see from its back, in 1984 for Milano Basket team. Its iconic shape has been brought back to life but this time with a red carpet treatment: only full grain leather has been used in the making of this shoe. It’s not the smooth leather that you think of: it’s smoother! I like a lot the raw edge cut of the tongue; it all contributes to the worn look together with that slightly yellow outsole. The accurate craftsmanship goes further: the lining, in the point where the ankle is, has been washed in a way that it looks like you have been rubbing your socks inside for how authentic it looks. Don’t think of this as a bulky shoe: being an old school silhouette, this sneaker is a bit slimmer compared to other basketball shoe models. Now you too you know Diadora. Remember this name: you will see it here again.

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