Diadora – MI Basketshark Happiness collaboration

Diadora shares some common ground with me: we both love happiness. Or better yet this Italian sneaker brand loves Happiness with a capital H. Hailing from Rimini, one of the most famous Italian beach resorts, the brand that is doing this collaboration with Diadora represents authentic Italian flavor in an informal modern way through a collection of slogan t-shirts, jogger pants and much more. If you are a regular reader of The Maxiemillion you probably remember the MI Basket 84 Used that I posted one month ago, from this brand. Very similar (I should say “almost identical”) as far as design goes, this model beside being a lot “happier” is made of nylon and not of premium leather. A bit lighter (and slightly less expensive), this version has state of the art embroideries all over as you can see. From the fingers that do the LA gang sign, to a sweet “Fuck you” on the back, it seems that the designers over at Happiness did an excellent job having fun, staying true to the name of their brand. A hi-top sneaker with a lot of support for your ankles and even more shock value, this MI Basketshark Happiness collaboration is ready to put you under the spotlight with an attitude like no other. As you can see Diadora range has several solutions for your feet: from heritage limited sneakers to glam lifestyle models like this one in the hands of Elena S, there is no spot uncovered. Just beware because, as you can see from these pictures, the happiness feeling is… highly contagious.

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