Diadora – N9000 Double

Gone are the days when Bill Withers was singing “Just the two of us” but here on this Diadora there are just two materials in two different colors on its upper: mesh and suede. Like the previous versions that I posted here these N9000 in the hands of Marica B are extremely interesting and now we are about to see why. I kid you not if I tell you that the first thing I did when I opened the box is to caress its suede part to feel it. Diadora is no stranger to quality and considering that the N9000 is a staple in its collection, a particular care has been put both in materials and colors. There is nothing more warm and more suitable for winter time than navy blue and burgundy so why not put them together?! The comfort of this sneaker is top level: its outsole is made of a light EVA component that keeps the shoe stable without compromising its weight. The collar is padded for a better fit, considering that this is a model from 1990 that kept its silhouette but gets an upgrade with a modern design with all the features that make this a superior running shoe. It is no secret that Diadora is gaining momentum because of all the care that it puts in giving a proper restyling to all the models from the original catalogue, maintaining intact its heritage value, just increasing the performance. After all these words don’t you feel like going to a Diadora dealer near you just to caress the suede part of these N9000?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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