Diadora Sportswear – Camaro

Diadora is your next frontier in sneakers. You just need to have a shampooing treatment from all the hype that footwear giants put in your head and you are set. Add a little “Italians do it better” pride and you’re there. I’m happy to show you, here in the hands of Marta B, the Camaro. With the classic shape of a running shoe, this model has a few features that will meet your expectations when it’s time to wear a comfortable and solid shoe that is lightweight at the same time. Some shoes are very light but lack in structure while some others provide stability but are a bit too heavy. With this Camaro, Diadora wanted to create a sneaker with summertime in mind. That’s why you have a mesh upper and nylon side panels. The rest of the shoe is made of suede. That grey suede that has the ability to get along easily with everything you wear, spiced out by a Daphne blue Diadora stripe on the side and by the logo on the heel. More discreet than the Titan II that we saw here not long ago, it’s easy to say that this Camaro is ready to run with you. At the same time it may easily become that everyday shoe, that you keep on wearing because you can’t find another one more comfortable, thanks to its EVA midsole. Available in six more colorways, every box has an extra pair of laces of another color (blue in this case). Shopping what you like (and not what you should like) never felt this good.

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