Diadora x Leo Colacicco ● N9000 Leone

In this great future you can’t forget your past, the great Robert Nesta Marley said. How can I in such a delicate moment forget about the good things that can keep streetwear, sneakers and sportswear relevant?

True values, inspirations and the drive to go forward, to reach the future and pass the adversities we are facing on daily basis keep brands relevant. This and all the support I had from Diadora in the past made me opt for a weekly special on this brand.

This week we will venture on three sections of Diadora proposal where different targets of sneakers lovers can actually find a great value in their shopping, regardless of their budgets. They say that as a good wish you have to start the new year with a banger so I picked a style from Diadora Heritage, the collection with historical silhouettes and premium materials: let’s give a look to Diadora x Leo Colacicco N9000 Leone.

Not new to collaborations with the Italian sportswear brand (remember how fly was his Luminarie Pack last season?) Leo Colacicco gave new life to the N with a visionary concept: to stress the importance on how environmental changes are slowly making disappear the main characters of our childhood stories. So the need to imagine better scenarios that first manifested with Luminarie pack, that wants us to be happy about the streets lit up for celebration, takes shape again in form of a made in Italy release.

You can rely on genuine artisan values when you have limited edition runs of sneakers made in Caerano San Marco with the softest premium pigskin and hairy suede. Crafted with a high level of care, this release represents the lion but if fleece and sherpa retro outdoor vibe is your thing a polar bear is also available.

Paying close attention, the side panel is made of that same eco fur of your lion plush toy, creating a closer connection with the animal. I dare to think that the touch of pink is its tongue hanging out of the mouth.

As daring as warm, both in its intentions and its visual impact, part of the revenues of this superior style are destined to support Parco Natura Viva, an organization that raises awareness but also works for the preservation of endangered species.

We are up to a good start but don’t forget that two more Diadora styles are lined up for this week…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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