“Diamond life, lover boy/we move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy” (Sade)

For those that don’t know, there is a sort of a bond among Sade and Diamond. Back in the day in the period when Nickavelli wanted to found this company he was into Sade album “Diamond life” that dates back to 1984. He was finding his way in the industry, being a skateboarder and having connections with all the relevant names in the industry back in the day. He was listening this album when he talked to Mike Carrol about his vision for a future company. This is a “one of a kind album” mostly because of the uniqueness of the soft toned voice of Sade Adu. Chico Brenes used a song from said album as a soundtrack of his trademark style for one of his most historical video part, “Finally”. 16 years passed from then and now not only Chico is still one of the freshest and untouchables street heroes ever, but Diamond is not anymore a small hardware company but a company whos tee shirt designs sets the bar for others to reach. A diamond not only blings by definition, but has a few features that make this gem impossible to copy right. You can always tell bad copies. Same for the company that goes by that name. Nick Tershay is picky when it comes to his designs but the results are always excellent. Look at the above tee. Can u say plain? This basic design is not so impressive but that’s what it makes a connaisseur item. This is more a “what is this?” tee, rather than a “look at me!” visual scream. Lorenzo F from Blast! kindly gave me one while he is waiting for Malpensa custom officers to set those packages from LA free. What’s in there? New Diamond gear of course. Diamond again? Oh yeah, again and again… Little sidenote: sorry Fresco F if I sold u a tee shirt at New School shop one week ago and now we both have the same tee. This means that I suggest stuff to customers that I really like, so I’m honest. Appreciate me for this, homie.

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