Diamond Supply Co. ● Flamingo Box Logo Crewneck

I didn’t realize that Diamond is 20 years old already. The brand that came from a brilliant (no pun intended) vision of Nick Tershay is doing great in 2018 but its roots are deeply planted in skateboarding and street fashion terrain since 1998.

Time flies and it seems yesterday when this brand was first featured in my blog in 2009 when I was still figuring out how to make this blog thing work.

When I think of all the stuff from this brand that I posted it’s crazy but the show must go on, right? In order to make its show the best ever, recently the Diamond Mine opened its doors. A private training facility for all the team riders and friends that looks very unusual compared to the other most famous private parks. I don’t see palm trees planted among structures and obstacles but that is a place where even finesse counts, beside function.

It is with all the finesse in the world that in this Flamingo Box Logo Crewneck found its space even the coolest of the birds, that ended up in endless tattoos and t-shirt graphics. Me and flamingos share one common point: we dance to find a partner. They do it in group with no music and they are fantastic. Me I do it in clubs with music blasting and I am funny.

Beside this note, the crewneck here worn by Michela P is crispy. First and foremost gotta love white fleeces but it’s also the OG Script in the box logo that makes me smile, thinking that it’s good to have some things that never get lost with time passing, not even a logo of a skate brand.

Too many good occasions to wear this item by Fresco Distribution and too little space left but I still have a message for you: wearing this item your funny dancing will turn into fabulous so don’t miss the chance to upgrade your skills.
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi

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