Diamond Supply Co. ● Gold Skull Tie Dye long sleeve tee

If this was 1997 Doo Wop would have said “let’s set if off with a bang” but this is 2019 and nowadays “sh*t is lit” and this is exactly the case. I’m starting the week with a juicy Diamond Supply Co. piece courtesy of Fresco Distribution. This unit has been supportive of The Maxiemillion since the early days with fresh items but this time… we go below zero.

I am able to show you a preview that will actually drop in a month so you can plan accordingly to increase your crispness factor. Gold Skull Tie Dye long sleeve tee is an item that incorporates a couple of the hottest trends of the moment: retro band tees and tie dye.

Even if it started a while ago, let’s say around 2011, the retro music tee is what you may wear when it’s time to complete a sharp outfit. If once it was a way to define a section of music that you enjoyed the most, nowadays it’s more a way to celebrate an era, no wonder if you were into pop, punk or metal.

This is why Diamond created a design with metal aesthetic that at the same time blinks an eye to hip hop bling. To give you an even stronger appeal, reminding of merchandising sold at summer festivals, the most suitable complement to such graphic is a tie dye tee shirt. Such dying technique is recognized even by high fashion as the must throwback this Summer and from skate brands to exclusive boutiques no one is safe from it.

Who but Diamond has the ability to blend uptown class with downtown flavor? Nick Tershay polished his sword for decades, creating the brand that nobody can touch, from its skate team that proudly endorses the hardware, to an ever sharp collection of soft goods.

Wait a few weeks and you will be able to can cop this item in the best skateshops and street boutiques worldwide. It is crucial these days to support your local brick and mortar shop but if you will have an hard time copping it, you can always get it from the source, on Diamond website.

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