Diamond Supply Co. ● Greed Longsleeve

“Streetwear without culture is just fashion”, said Bobby Hundreds in a famous interview and I couldn’t agree more. I always think of the flagship stores on Fairfax, Los Angeles, as worldwide trend setters when it comes to define the current taste in streetwear and Diamond Supply Co. has a place among such elite.

Founded in 1998 by Nick Tershay as a skate hardware company, the brand started from humble beginnings but evolved into something that couldn’t be closer to street culture. Not many other brands can claim to their name capsule collections by the likes of Mohammed Ali, Cam’ron and Keith Haring, out now simultaneously…

The brand developed a unique space when it came to his headquarters. Blending a basketball field and a skate plaza, it is enough to follow @diamondsupplyco to peep how many top skate pros skate the Diamond Mine on regular basis.

So, back to the opening line of this post, it is not a matter of “how much did you pay for it?” but rather “who are you representing when you wear this?”. I pretend to be an ambassador of OG values here, remembering you that your apparel when you belong to a street circle (that may be rap related, rather than skate related), shows what you are into. Don’t confuse this communication ethic with regular fashion where elegance got mismatched with price tags with too many zeros.

So no matter if this Greed Longsleeve tee portrays a black cat trying to put its paws on a huge diamond, it won’t cost you crazy amounts of dinero, nor it’s the money that you want to show off but your skills. In a few words be somebody instead of owning something. Enough with my motivational speech here, let the t-shirt do the talking.

With its retro logo flirting with retro punk aesthetics, reminding of The Misfits or The Cramps, the graphics focus on a inhabitant of the streets of the whole planet: the black cat. Why you ask? Next time you land a hard trick on your skateboard, they won’t be able to say it’s luck… Get down with Fresco Dist program to sell Diamond in your store.

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