Diamond Supply Co. ● Split Hoodie

Who is making a buzz more than Diamond Supply Co. these days?! Nick Tershay creative outlet is making moves that are hard to ignore if you have a true love of sort for this streetwear thing.

After the Diamond Mine (the private training facility for skaters on Diamond roster) is now a consolidated reality whose coverage leaks from Instagram profiles of every top pro, Nick Diamond (the way streetwear experts call mr.Tershay) wanted to show them what he’s got up his sleeve.

Diamond started from the bottom as an hardware skate company, run in a room of Nick’s San Francisco apartment and now it’s at Complexcom creating riots with the presentation of its latest Nike Sb Dunk Low Canary collaboration. I’m saying the latest because sneakerhads first got in contact with this skate brand through its collaboration with the Swoosh in 2005 that gave birth to the so called Tiffany Dunk.

The powers that be at Fresco Distribution sent over this Split Hoodie instead of that Canary Diamond Dunk and I couldn’t be happier about it. Not because I don’t desire to own that pair but because this hoodie is crispy and ready to street situations from A to Z.


There is no place safe from the soft tone impact of this pink skate hoodie (also available in heather grey and black). Go session a spot, reach your music producer friend at the lab, go out to eat something then hit the club real quick and there is virtually none of these places where you won’t be greeted with a huge smile rocking this hoodie.

Peep these shots of Ilaria V: from the embroidered logo on the chest to the thick doubled hood, this item stays true to Diamond plan, leaving your identity safe while you keep it fresh (with or without the new Diamond Dunks).
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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