Diamond Supply Co. ● Team Mascot Longsleeve + Tee

It is in cases like this post you are reading that is legit to say: “this item is so nice that I gotta show it twice”. Diamond Supply Co. tees always set the trend of what’s to come, so they are always welcome on The Maxiemillion. This brand belongs to Fresco Distribution roster for a long time and being our relationship consolidated through the years, I had the chance to show you already what this brand is capable of. Remember that hoodie that said “I hate school” that I showed you last season?


The hardware brand turned hardware-and-trendsetter-in-streetwear brand has gone through a few changes in its life: it added its subsidiary skate core brand Grizzly Griptape in 2001, created is spin-off brand Diamond Footwear, went to Street League with its already epic Diamond Best Trick After Party and added ex-Famous Stars and Straps team manager Felix Arguelles to coordinate things behind the scenes. Needless to say this brand is doing real good.




Like this was not enough to give back to the culture that made this iconic Californian brand blow up, recently it added the Diamond Mine to its accomplishments. A private 12000 square feet indoor training facility whose layout is the freshest (shall I say that beside being a sick skate plaza it also includes palm trees?) where riders of the brand can practice next level skate tricks in total privacy.



Now if you want to represent all the above, I give you two options: Team Mascot Longsleeve and the same graphics on a t-shirt. This design worn by Michela N as a long sleeve tee and by Margherita P as a t-shirt brings back an OG baseball vibe with a bit of comics influence.


Keep this brand in check because if something happens in Los Angeles, probably it’s a Diamond or Grizzly rider to make it happen…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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