Diamond Supply Co. ● The Boo J-XL

Boo Johnson is a hell of a character. Do you follow this pro skater on Instagram? The Long Beach native puts all his life in his Insta stories, so it’s not hard to stay updated on him. Diamond Supply Co. saw potential in him that’s why when it was time to put together a superstar squad for its footwear division, Boo couldn’t be left out.

A key member of the WeedMaps crew as well, he has a smooth style on a skateboard, rolls with a swagger like no other and he never turns down the option of puffin’ on a juicy j. Do you start to get the picture?

Fresco Dist sent over here his pro model skate shoe knowing that I back up the lifestyle of this professional to the very last bit. Boo is fresh so how could his signature shoe here in the hands of Jessy C be any different?!

The concept of The Boo J XL is the following: elaborate on the basic concept of a slip-on sneaker, reinforcing it in crucial areas for griptape wear and tear. Like this wasn’t enough a neoprene bootie gives you a stellar fit and more stability than any similar looking skate shoe in the game.

On subject of other slip-ons, don’t think that our smiling hero is gonna skate in a shoe that hurts his feet. One of the main differences here is that Brilliant Foam PU insole gives you a bouncy feeling compared to the average skate shoes of this kind.

As far as style, this diamond blue beauty is also available in pink in its latest drop and has gold branding on his vamp.

Once you have a team with the best players in the game you can come up with superior concept like this.

On subject of Diamond team, all its members are psyched about the recently opened Diamond Mine, the private indoor training facility that witness superior skateboarding happening on daily basis. Change your mind if you ever thought that Diamond was slowly turning into a “lifestyle company”…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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