Diamond Supply Co. – Lightning Coach jacket by Fresco Distribution

If you are around 20, you have probably never seen before a lightweight jacket like this one from Diamond Supply Co. If otherwise you are an old school cat like the one that is writing this, you may have owned a couple of these pieces back in the day. Maybe not in California, but here in Europe, to skate during winter months wearing that type of garment gives you a fresh style and keeps you warm at the same time, without restricting your movements at all. Commonly referred to as “coach jacket”, this item has been around for many years, so the throwback fever, that is picking up iconic garments from our past, couldn’t miss this. The Lightning Coach jacket with this round logo has an inspiration that is unusual to say the least. Nick Tershay, the founder and owner of this brand, beside his deep love for skateboarding loves the Diamond Life. With these two words (usually turned into one that becomes an hashtag), he tells visual tales on Instagram of celebrities, cars, nightlife and jewelry. In one of these pictures he explained where the inspiration for this piece comes from. Being a collector of fine timepieces, he borrowed the idea from the second hand of one of his favorite wristwatches. Just another confirmation of the fact that skaters are second to none when it comes to creativity. If you are ready to enter the Diamond Life, once you have your skate under your feet, you just have to ask your shop to get in touch with Fresco Distribution for this Lightning Coach jacket. The rest will follow.

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